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    "Ion Borcea" High School is the most beautiful love story of the town...It is a love story which flirts with eternity. Once, when you were thinking of Buhusi, things like famous stanzas, the proverbial rabbis or the international adventure of its female handball immediately crossed your mind.Today, unfortunately, all these are mere recollections. The one and only true love story still alive is Ion Borcea Technical College. Wherever I go in this world it becomes clear to me that Buhusi is perceived especially as the town of the teenagers and teachers who efortlessly win prize after prize in national and international olympics. Here, the greatest kids of the town and the nearby villages, charmed by the most beautiful love stories of their becoming, and also by the most unique adventure of knowledge, always live and write true legends of adolescence. They are the most wonderful legends I know. If our little town Buhusi would be, from the economic point of view, at the same level asour teachers and students performance, it would stand as an oasis of prosperity in Romania. It wouldn`t agonize so b adly. Geographically, the adolescents and the teachers of this institution are provincials. Spiritually, their dreams and accomplishments have entered the international order of authentic values. The national and international, educational and financial projects, along with partnerships with moral entities such as BETANIA , made us restless spirits always looking for new horizons of optimism. Among the grads and the teachers that taught or have taught in this school we could form, breaking the time barriers, at least three national teams of female handball, an actors union, a writer`s one, an association of university teachers , top associations of engineers, managers and doctors, and last but not least, since our school has been acknowledged as the national input in preparing those belonging to textile industry, we dare say Europe, and not only through the former students who emigrated from here, meets the great value of our school. We keep receiving letters from our former students in our country, and even from countries like Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Germany, the United States, Canada, Italy, Israel, Spain, France and Slovakia. They all take pride in having graduated in this institution which is really a brand for those who have respect for spirituality. When they return into town for a while, their second priority, after the family, is the former high school/former professional school. Graduation festivities, promotion meetings and what we call "the Freshmen`s Ball" are the most acclaimed events of our city.

    Once, when I was young I was in the habit of starting my lessons stating a wonderful thought which belongs to Karl Popper: " people`s most valuable treasure is their ideas". Today I realise that, in fact, the didactical strategy of our teachers gladly assumed that thought because our graduates are great ambassadors of this spirit which is always looking towards a better world. This is the reason why I believe this neverending love story will remain engraved in eternity : "Ion Borcea" Technical College, Buhusi.

    Prof. Ion Fercu

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    Fișa de înscriere, semnată și datată, cartea de identitate și certificatul de naștere se transmit în format PDF sau ca imagine pe adresa de email : . Fișa de înscriere, copii dupa C.I. și certificatul de naștere se pot transmite prin poștă, pe adresa : 605100,str. Tineretului ,nr.3. Perioada de înscrieri: 3-10 Iunie 2020.

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    ANUNŢ - Proiect ERASMUS+ 2017-1-RO01-KA102-03670

    "Carpe diem" versus "fugit irreparabile tempus" - parada adolescenţilor 2016-2017

    Adolescenţa este vârsta aceea minunată care cuteză să ia cerurile cu asalt. Impresia aceasta mi-au lăsat-o adolescenţii buhuşeni, de la Colegiul Tehnic "Ion Borcea", care au absolvit ieri cursurile liceale. O minunată paradă a frumuseţii şi entuziasmului, dar şi a lacrimilor mereu în cumpănă, au organizat aceştia în centrul oraşului.

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    Prevenţia traficului de fiinţe umane

    "Stay Free", generosul proiect finanţat de Asociaţia Valoare Plus Bacău i-a cucerit şi pe elevii buhuşeni. Mai multe detalii aici ...

    Opportunity funds - Romania

    EducationUSA, cu sprijinul Ambasadei SUA la Bucureşti, lansează competiţia pentru programul Opportunity Funds 2017, dedicat elevilor de liceu (clasele X-XI) care au nevoie de susţinere financiară pentru a aplica la studii în Statele Unite. Fondurile nu acoperă taxele de şcolarizare şi întreţinere în SUA, ci sunt destinate facilitării procesului de aplicaţie.

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    Zilele Colegiului Tehnic "Ion Borcea" Buhuşi 26 - 28 mai 2016


    Înscrieri pentru clasa a V-a la Liceul Teoretic "Ion Borcea" Buhuşi

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    Elita mondială a stilului Enshin Karate, două zile de poveste la liceenii buhuşeni

    Cocheta sală de sport a Colegiului "Ion Borcea" Buhuşi a găzduit, timp de două zile, Seminarul Internaţional al Stilului Enshin Karate.

    Colegiul buhusean va organiza cursuri gimnaziale

    Colegiul „Ion Borcea” Buhusi va avea, incepând de anul scolar viitor, conform cu H.G. nr. 18/2013 si Ordinului de ministru nr. 4193/8-VI-2015 dreptul de a organiza cursuri gimnaziale

    Parada adolescenţilor

    In data de 29 iunie 2015...

    Zilele scolii 28-30 mai 2015

    Zilele Colegiului Tehnic "Ion Borcea" Buhuşi
    28-30 mai 2015.
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    "Rădăcinile învăţăturii sunt amare, dar roadele ei sunt dulci." Aristotel